About Us

We specialize in New Construction and Custom housing which includes Single Family, attached dwellings, town homes and condos. Falcon’s relationship is well established with many of the major builders in the area.

Falcon is certified through Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA) Quality Assured Contractor (QA) Program, and is recognized as a CIE (Certified Indoor Environmentalist) with licenses in VA, MD, WV and DC – all of which we believe distinguishes our company from the competition.

At Falcon HVAC, we strive continually to exceed expectations and to meet the demands of our clients in providing them total comfort and satisfaction in their new home. With a strong engineering background and proper nationally-recognized certifications, our company provides local and national builders with exceptional quality and peace-of-mind.

Falcon HVAC has built its reputation upon the foundations of quality control and quality engineering, design efficiency, best equipage, smooth flow of operations, and timely and effective service response. Our forward thinking towards “green home” concepts created opportunities for us to pioneer many of the practices and standards now widely-accepted in the current market.

We have already begun transitioning our work to come closer to meet the standard for an Energy Star home, with no extra cost to builders. Some examples of this include using R410a, R-8 insulation, and all-mastic joints of the duct work. The quality of our workmanship speaks for itself and our reputation in the market among colleagues and competitors is impeccable.