Winter 2020: Humidifier Guide

If winter in your house means a dry, scratchy throat, itchy skin, or static shocks, it may be time to invest in a humidifier. 

We’ve prepared a handy guide to the types of Humidifiers, their uses, as well as seven crucial benefits during the winter months.

What Is A Humidifier?

Humidifiers release water vapor into the air to relieve low-humidity in your home. The goal is to bring the house or room to a comfortable relative-humidity, which can have a positive impact on our comfort and health.

During the colder winter months, the cold, dry air becomes more pronounced. The lack of humidity can lead to an irritated throat, dry or cracked skin, and even nose bleeds.

5 Benefits During the Cold Winter Months

1. Helps Prevent the Spread of Airborne Viruses

A peer-reviewed scientific study from 2013 concluded that maintaining indoor relative humidity above 40% was instrumental in negating the spread and effects of airborne viruses such as influenza.

Airborne particles in homes with higher humidity become too heavy to float around in the air, which is why moisture aids in reducing the movement of germs.

With three cases of the Coronavirus under investigation in Virginia already, reducing the spread of airborne viruses this winter seems especially relevant. 

2. May Help Those With Asthma

While Chronic Asthma treatment should come directly from a doctor, Humidifiers have shown benefits when it comes to asthmatic individuals. 

Due to the irritation that dry cold-air has on the nose and throat, a warmer, more humid environment can lead to fewer asthma flare-ups. Careful consideration is needed when placing your unit, and as well as proper care and maintenance to ensure maximum effectiveness.

3. Keep Houseplants Alive

Avoid sad droopy plants this winter by ensuring there’s enough moisture in the air for your plants to breathe. According to Nasa Scientists, certain houseplants may reduce the organic chemicals in the air results in healthier air quality and fewer colds.

4. Prevent Dry Skin

Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water. The first place we notice dry air pulling the moisture from us is usually the lips, hands, and eyes. Lips can become frequently chapped, hands dry or cracked, and eyes bloodshot during the winter months. 

The added moisture from running a humidifier may help relieve itchiness and dryness in the skin and even reduce eczema in some cases.

5. Prevent Damage to Wood & Wallpaper

When used properly, a Humidifier can keep the wood in your home at a constant level of moisture, so the wood furniture and features in your home look their best. Dry air can lead to cracked and creaky wood furniture, loosen joints in wood flooring, and even crack wallpaper.

What Kind Of Humidifier Is Right For Me?

Now that you know how humidifiers can help keep you healthy and comfortable, we’ll help you decide what kind is right for your home. Here at Falcon Heating & Air, we install whole-home Humidifiers as well as Steam Humidifiers. 

Whole-Home Humidifiers attach to your ductwork and blow moist air throughout your home while Steam humidifiers heat water in a reservoir and the water is then converted to steam, which is distributed accordingly for even humidification.

As part of our 2020 Winter Special, we are currently offering up $150 Off Humidifiers and $200 Off Steam Humidifiers. Contact us today at 703-450-7777 or via our Request Service form to get a free quote and expert advice regarding your home humidification needs.

The team at Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning has been proudly serving Northern Virginia and the greater DMV area for over 30 years. We strive to be the region’s premier trusted choice for all your heating and cooling needs.