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Nobody wants to think about having problems with their heating unit or furnace. Like it or not, technical failures and mechanical breakdowns happen. If you suspect something is off with your HVAC system, call a professional heating contractor. Having their industry experience may just save you from a more extensive repair (or an early replacement). Having a person who understands what should and should not be present within your heating unit will also keep you safe.

Some malfunctions, which if not identified and repaired, are a direct danger to your home. Therefore, it's beneficial to know the signs of when you should have an HVAC technician come to your home. Here, you'll learn some of these signs.

1. Yellow or Flickering Flame

If your home has a furnace that burns fuel, be sure you're checking the burner's flame regularly. The furnace flame should only be burning the color blue. It should not be:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Orange

When there's a blue flame burning, it's a good sign and means the fuel is burning efficiently and safely. If it's another color, call an HVAC company immediately.

The behavior of boiler and furnace flames will give you a solid idea of your heating system's health. If you're noticing the flames as yellow or flickering, shut your heating unit off right away and, again, call in a professional. This sign could be an indication your boiler or furnace is leaking carbon monoxide.

2. Foul or Strange Odors

Certain foul or unusual odors are an indication your heating unit requires maintenance or repair. For instance, a musty smell could mean you have a water buildup or a leak in your heating system. A burning smell is a more dangerous indicator because it is one symptom of compromised electrical wiring or a system overheating. Either way, both scenarios require immediate professional services.

3. Incorrect Temperature

Your furnace should have a specified "temperature rise" marker printed on a plate inside the blower. Place an instant-read thermometer inside the register near the blower to test this rise. It should give a reading within a degree or two of the specifications outlined by the manufacturer.

4. Unit is Difficult to Start

As your furnace gets older, you might start having trouble turning it on and keeping it running. If you've tried several times to start or restart your furnace, you may require a repair. Functionality problems like these often indicate a damaged thermostat or disconnected wiring. Resolving this problem is as easy as replacing the affected part.

5. Carbon-Monoxide Detector Tripped

A carbon monoxide detector is equipped on most furnaces with the sole function of notifying you of odorless, sightless, and tasteless gas. If this carbon-monoxide detector goes off or is tripped, immediately turn your furnace off, open your windows for ventilation, and call your gas company. You also need to contact an HVAC company to identify the source of the harmful and toxic gas. 

Heating Repair and Maintenance in Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland & West Virginia

If you notice any of the above warning signs or other odd indicators that give you pause, don't hesitate to contact Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning to have your heating unit or system looked over. 

For any emergency repairs, call us directly at (703) 450-7777. Our emergency services are available 24-7.

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