4 Bad Habits That Lead to Clogged Drain Lines in Gaithersburg, MD

Frequently clogged drains can damage your plumbing system and cause health hazards due to sewer backups. Avoid frequent drain clogs and damaging the plumbing system in your Gaithersburg, MD, home by abstaining from these bad habits.

Dumping Food Scraps Down the Garbage Disposal

One bad habit that clogs drains is dumping vegetables, leftover oil, or food scraps straight into the kitchen sink. The next time you clean your kitchen countertops or table after dinner, throw the food leftovers into the trash and not the sink. It helps to extend your garbage disposal’s lifespan and protects the kitchen sink from clogging.

Treating the Toilet Like a Trash Can

Disposing of anything else other than toilet paper is a sure way to clog your toilet. You should dispose of hygiene products, cotton swabs, cat litter, and wipes into the trash to avoid clogged drains. Flushing these items into your toilet drain can cause significant sewer and drain damage.

Overusing Chemical Drain Cleaners

Avoid using harsh chemical drain cleaners if you want to protect your drains. These cleaners contain harsh chemicals that slowly damage your piping, which can be costly. Choose professional drain cleaning to help deal with clogs and prevent them from recurring.

Rinsing Hair Down Drains

If you shave in the shower or over the sink, it’s time to stop this bad habit that could eventually clog drains. The hair fibers can cling to soap scum in your drains and accumulate over time, clogging and damaging your pipes. You may consider investing in a mesh drain screen to trap hair fibers and prevent them from going down the drain.

Avoid these bad habits to increase your plumbing system’s lifespan. If you encounter clogged drains, hire professionals to find the source and fix the issue. Call Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning for professional plumbing inspections.

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