Why You Should Skip the DIY Attempts and Hire An Air Conditioning Service Professional

Your air conditioning unit requires scheduled servicing to maintain its energy efficiency and to minimize the extent of future repairs. When your AC unit starts struggling to perform its job effectively, it’s a good indication routine servicing is required. The question is, should you simply do it yourself (DIY) or call a reputable AC company to perform the job for you?

Professional AC technicians are often called to jobs where the homeowner already attempted to fix a problem with the air conditioner. Most times, however, the “fix” was only temporary or even made the issue worse. DIY AC repairs are typically not a good idea. Keep the following in mind before trying to resolve the issue yourself.

Reasons to Hire an AC Service Expert 

Although routine, AC servicing is complicated, time-consuming, and could increase in cost if done incorrectly. You should always leave the intricacies of servicing an air conditioning unit to the professionals and here’s why:

  1. AC Professionals are Trained, Licensed, and Certified

Professional AC technicians earned their titles, such as NATE certified or a recommendation dealer by specific HVAC manufacturers. They’ve gone through official industry-regulated training to earn their certifications and licenses. This formal education allows them to do their jobs correctly, safely, and legally.

  • DIY Methods Can Be Dangerous

Another reason why DIY AC service methods are better left to the experts is that you could seriously hurt yourself and your family. A few examples of what you are potentially putting yourself and your family at risk of are: 

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Electrocution
    • Fire

It takes years of education to learn the inner workings of HVAC systems. Browsing the internet for quick DIY methods won’t cut it and could seriously cost you in more ways than one.

  • Null and Void your Warranty

Attempting to service or repair your air conditioner could null and void its manufacturer’s warranty. Many system warranties are only valid if the unit is serviced and/or repaired by a certified technician. If you decide to work on your air conditioner yourself to save yourself some money, just remember the trade-off is a void warranty on your unit.

  • Small Issues Could Be Signs of Bigger Problems

When you notice your AC acting up, your first reaction to a seemingly simple fix is to do it yourself. However, how do you know that you are locating all of the mechanical parts being affected? One broken piece can put a strain on other parts resulting in faster wear and tear. Certified and licensed technicians know all pieces in play and how they interact with one another ensuring all necessary parts are checked. 

The DIY internet instructions won’t always tell you what you need to do for your specific problem, but an experienced AC technician can. These industry professionals consistently educate themselves to properly service and maintain your AC, which helps prevent a more complicated problem from developing. If a larger problem does present itself, contact your local HAVC company as soon as possible.

Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning is NATE certified and offers same-day AC repairs. We understand how unbearable the humidity is throughout the DMV mid-summer, and the importance of a timely repair. Submit a service request online for emergency services.

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