How To Make Your Own Mask

FAQ’s on Mask Care and MERV-13 Filter Material

The Center for Disease Control CDC is urging people to wear masks where social distancing can be difficult to practice (like at the grocery store or pharmacy). Alone, cloth masks do not do much to prevent the spread or transmission of viruses, but having an air filter insert can provide greater protection when used in conjunction with a face mask. As a way of helping our community during the COVID19 emergency, we are providing for free to the community, a piece of MERV-13 air filter material. MERV-13 filter material is rated to capture anything in the air down to 0.3 – 1.0 micron in size.

Cloth masks with air filter pieces are safe to wear when worn properly. When wearing the mask, you should not breathe directly through the air filter (skin to filter contact), rather, you should breathe through the mask, with the air filter in between the fabric (fabric to skin contact).

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