About Our Shop Local Program

Since the closure of non-essential businesses due to COVID19, hairstylists, massage therapists, and manicure workers have been hit hard. Not being able to be in business, especially when so many are self-employed has been devastating to so many. Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning has adopted a program called Shop Local, to help these workers, together with your help.

How It Works

When you buy a gift card at a local hair salon, massage therapist, or nail salon, Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to match it. Email a copy of the gift card and receipt to shoplocal@falconhvac.com and we will get you another gift card at the same store for up to $20.

Let’s come together and help these amazing local businesses that have had their business taken away during this crisis.

Locations limited to service areas listed on https://www.falconhvac.com/homeowners/

Limit 1 per person for each business. Expires 5/1/2020; Limited to 250.