Zoning Systems

Most homes only have one thermostat to control their home, however many homes can have a varied spread of temperatures across different rooms and floors. The answer to this problem is a zoning system.

Zoning systems divides rooms or floors of your house into different controllable “zones”. For instance, if you are mostly upstairs, you can enjoy greater comfort by having a zoning system that keeps that floor a certain temperature. Perhaps it is a few degrees cooler than the downstairs. Zoning systems are mainly installed to enjoy greater comfort but in some cases you may end up saving money as well.

For a single-story home, hot and cold spots can shift in different rooms as the sun moves throughout the day. In addition, windows, large trees, and skylights can influence the indoor temperature. The comfort in each room often changes as the day goes on, which is why a zoning system can establish a nice equilibrium to your single-story home.

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