Residential HVAC Installation Services

Falcon takes pride in delivering high quality residential HVAC system installation time and time again, since 1988! Our first priority is comfort for your homeowners, not cutting corners with a superior product. With hands on ownership, vast experience that extends throughout the entire company, and world class customer service, Falcon continuously exceeds expectations.

Falcon’s dedicated Quality Control Department ensures a precise installation for each single family, townhome or condominium that your Project Managers need in an HVAC contractor to keep the project moving forward flawlessly. Our clients know that Falcon will do whatever it takes to get the job done on schedule, and with great precision.

Every unique housetype is personally walked by Falcon’s qualified staff before rough in to anticipate on-site challenges, and to ensure a smooth installation without downtime or delays. Contact us today to see first-hand why more and more builders are trusting their new home’s HVAC systems to Falcon.

Design and Engineering Services

Falcon’s dedicated Design and Engineering Department is focused on delivering high quality analysis and design for production and custom homes. Each lot has an independent heating and cooling load calculation using industry standard Manual J software to guarantee correct equipment sizing and optimum comfort for your homeowners. Falcon uses AutoCad software to create a clear, concise layout for each unique home and site-specific condition.

If you are a builder who needs a turn-key solution to include design and engineering of a high-quality HVAC system, contact Falcon today to see how we can help you design for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Falcon proudly serves many local and national builders in the Washington Metro Area.

See a list of our Projects HERE.  References provided upon request.

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