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Whether you're tapped into a municipal supply or a private well, there's no guaranteeing your water is clean and pure. Instead of taking chances, enjoy true peace of mind with Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning's premium water filtration services.

Water Filtration

The Many Benefits of Home Water Filtration

From dissolved minerals to chemicals and pathogens, unfiltered water can carry all sorts of unwanted impurities. In addition to tasting unpleasant, impure water can affect both your family and your home in surprising ways. It can leave deposits in your plumbing, exacerbate skin conditions, make soap less effective and even contribute to plastic pollution. With a quality water filtration system, however, you can:

  • Enjoy clean, safe drinking water from the tap
  • Eliminate the waste and expense of bottled water
  • Prevent hair damage and skin irritation
  • Protect your home's plumbing system
  • Keep your laundry soft and colorful
  • Reduce limescale and soap scum

Your Guide to Water Filtration Systems

There are many water filtration systems available, but the best option for you depends on your needs. If your primary concern is improving the quality of your drinking water, an activated carbon system may be ideal. Also called activated charcoal, this filter media features many tiny pores that naturally trap contaminants. These inexpensive systems can significantly improve the taste and smell of water, but they aren't effective at eliminating certain impurities.

For the ultimate in purity and protection, it's hard to beat a reverse osmosis filtration system. Reverse osmosis systems use multiple filtration technologies to strip away a broad range of impurities, including many chemicals and pathogens. Although they're more costly and require higher water pressure, they're a popular choice among health-conscious homeowners.

Water Filter Installation and Maintenance

If your water supply leaves something to be desired, improving your water quality may be easier than you think. At Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer complete home water filtration services at fair and transparent prices. Whether you have hard well water or a chlorine-infused city supply, we can deliver the fresh, high-quality water you deserve.

We'll help you evaluate water filtration systems to find the ideal solution to suit your home, preferences, and budget. Our skilled service technicians can handle every step of the installation process, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and longevity. We can even help service your system, from troubleshooting issues to cleaning or replacing filters.

Clean, healthy water is a basic necessity of life, so why settle for anything less? Call Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning to start enjoying all the perks of high-quality water in the comfort of your home.

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