Comfortable Woman with HVAC maintenance completed

How HVAC Maintenance Can Save Money

With the cost of living seeming to get more expensive every day, everyone’s looking for ways to save money. A spring tune-up for your residential air conditioner is a great way to reduce your expenses. Read on to learn more about how HVAC maintenance at your Sterling, VA, home saves money.

Well-maintained Systems Use Less Energy

According to information gathered by ENERGY STAR, your home’s furnace and cooling systems contribute to as much as 50% of your utility costs. Well-maintained systems run better and use less energy to do their jobs. An efficient system doesn’t have to work harder to keep you cool during the summer. If your utility bills have climbed steadily over the years, consider scheduling a spring tune-up to improve air conditioning function.

Spend Less Money on Doctors’ Bills

Does it seem like everyone in your house gets sick in the spring? Do you spend money on doctors’ co-pays and over-the-counter medication? Surprisingly, HVAC maintenance can save money, maintain good indoor air quality and improve your health.

Although spring brings warmer temperatures, it also causes pollen counts to rise causing a variety of allergy-type illnesses. If your HVAC system has a lot of dirt and dust buildup from over the winter, it’s harder for the system to filter the air and remove indoor pollutants. So, you end up breathing dirty, contaminated air that makes you sicker. Professional maintenance services clean essential AC parts such as coils and the indoor air handler. Technicians also make sure the air filter gets replaced or cleaned, depending on the model.

Save Money on Emergency HVAC Repair

Hiring qualified technicians to maintain your HVAC system gives you a head start at fixing problems before they turn into a major repair. If your system breaks down unexpectedly on a hot day, you need emergency repairs. Not only do emergency HVAC services cost more money, but sometimes they’re hard to come by because technicians get busier as it gets hotter.

Do yourself and your bank account a favor this spring. Call Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., to schedule HVAC maintenance services this spring.