Why Your Indoor Air Quality Matters

The quality of your indoor air can have a significant impact on the health of your family. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers insights on how to manage indoor air quality effectively and on the reasons that air quality matters in residential environments. Here are some key reasons to keep indoor air clean and healthy for your home in Sterling, Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Protecting the Health of Your Family

The short and long-term effects of exposure to indoor pollutants can be serious. Some of the most common illnesses and health conditions associated with exposure to unhealthy indoor air include irritation of the eyes, throat and nose, headaches and respiratory issues. Prolonged exposure to pollutants in indoor air is associated with a higher risk of cancer and heart disease. Poor air quality also poses significant risks for patients with emphysema, COPD and other respiratory issues. Taking steps to maintain your heating and cooling system can reduce the number of contaminants in your indoor air, which can help you to protect the health of your friends and family.

Eliminating Dangerous Pollutants

According to the National Environmental Education Foundation, some of the most common pollutants include pet dander, mold, radon, dust mites and secondhand smoke. These contaminants and pollutants can often trigger asthma attacks in vulnerable individuals. Scheduling routine maintenance and changing your air filter regularly can reduce the number of particulates in your indoor air, which can often promote a healthier living arrangement for you and your family in Sterling, Fairfax, Alexandria and Gainesville in Virginia and in Chevy Chase, Potomac and Bethesda in Maryland.

Working With a Trusted HVAC Company

Choosing the right heating and cooling company can go a long way toward resolving air quality issues inside your home. At Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer an array of services that include heating, cooling, plumbing and air quality solutions. To learn more about our lineup of air quality products and services, call us today to schedule an appointment with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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